Tools for Networking

Here are some helpful tips and tools for networking.

1. Using the Command Prompt  -  Type CMD in the search bar for the computer.  The command prompt window will appear.

2. PING  -  The PING command is used in the command prompt window. It is used to check connectivity. IE: if the DVRs IP address is To see if the DVR is online. type PING in the command prompt window. In the picture below the top ping attempt is a fail. The bottom ping attempt is a success.

3. IPCONFIG  -  This command will help find the gateway (router) IP address. Type this in the command prompt window to get the following information. The Default gateway is the IP to the router.

Once you have found the router log in. The next step is to look at the make and model number of the router. Then use for step by step instructions. gives step by step instructions on how to port forward most routers.
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